Granite Mosaic Tile Ottawa – Keeping it Classy

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Granite mosaic tile is a beautiful choice for your home renovation project in Ottawa. When it comes to home ownership, an immense sense of pride is usually attached to the appearance of our dwellings and as such the best possible products which can be afforded should, and usually are, installed at the earliest convenience. Natural stone is an ideal choice to brighten up any atmosphere and radiates a feeling of class and sophistication for all who set their sights upon it. Unfortunately, there are a few misconceptions that people have about granite, which often causes them to hesitate about its installation in their home, when in fact it is almost always the best possible choice when considering renovations in the kitchen, bathroom, and hallways.

Colour and Style

Contrary to popular belief, granite comes in colours far more pleasing than grey. In addition to the traditional hue that comes to mind, this natural stone is also offered in various shades of green, blue, red, and pink, allowing it to be colour customized to any room and scheme in the home. Many people are also unaware of the brilliant ribbons of colour which flow through and create the unique individual patterns that make this item one-of-a-kind in your home.

Cost and Installation

One of the main factors that prevent folks from considering the incredible beauty and benefits of granite installation is the mistaken notion that it is widely out of their price range, or that it is an arduous task to place the stone inside the home when in fact neither of these beliefs are correct. While the initial purchase of granite may be slightly more costly than other traditional materials, it is almost certain to last a lifetime. When compared against the cost of several upgrades to other materials during the course of your life in the home, it is actually the more affordable option. And while it is true that installation does take some time and leaves the home in disarray for a short while, the same can be said of any of type of home renovation as well, with granite installation being no more of an intrusion than other upgrades, however with the added bonus that once it's done it will not require replacement again, unlike less expensive materials.


At one time, granite tiles and countertops were primarily found in public buildings and government offices and were represented only in a cold, steely grey/blue colour that gave it an air of being sterile and boring. Today's granite however can be found in everything from churches to schools to bedrooms and beyond. As previously mentioned it comes in a wide variety of warm colours and when placed in the home with pleasant accent pieces, granite tiles and countertops can create a very warm and inviting atmosphere for all to enjoy.

Do your future self a favour and make the investment in natural stone products for your home today. By tomorrow, you will be glad you did and can enjoy the beauty and splendor of your choice for many more tomorrows to come.